Jackie Ryan
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An eclectic collection of tunes, at turns bluesy, then gospel, then straight-ahead jazz, this one is a showcase for Jackie Ryan's many talents.

And they're all top-notch.

Ms. Ryan's career started in the rhythm and blues genres, and she's clearly at home there in this offering. The opening lines to "Accentuate The Positive" ring with authority, and it's one of my favorites from this disc.

Jackie Ryan's picked up some great West-coast backing musicians along the way, led by John Clayton on bass and his son, Gerald, on piano. Gilbert Castellanos is on trumpet, Graham Dechter on guitar, Obed Calvaire on drums and Rickey Woodard on saxophone. Nice thing about the group is that while everyone gets their share of the solos, they never go on too long, and they're always in support of Ms. Ryan.

Ms. Ryan gets it. She's blessed with a powerful voice and a unique style that defies comparisons to any other singer. In a varied collection such as this, one is bound to have favorites, but they're all representative of a woman who's at the top of her game.

Highly recommended.

Favorites added to the playlist - "The Gypsy In My Soul," along with "Accentuate The Positive" and "How Little We Know (How Little It Matters)."

- Doug Boynton, GIRL SINGERS http://girlsingers.org

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